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Manly Men

Mice in Men is the second book of fledgeling writer Anirban Bose.

So, I was sitting in my little room, wondering what to do (apart from procrastinating the myriad of assignments that I need to finish) and my eyes fell on this book. What catches your attention first is the cover. Then you flip it over to read the blurb and that gets you hooked. It is a collection of short stories about men. Yes. Men *hums the Two and a Half Men soundtrack*. I haven never read a book that can boast of that. So, curiosity killed the cat. Or, as in this case, killed any motivation to work on my assignment.

Interestingly, this book doesn’t embark on a misogynist journey. All the stories do touch you in some way. The writing style is precise and it doesn’t make you feel like you’re reading another piece of trashy, self proclaimed “literature”. It takes you into the minds of men with different histories and personalities in a sensitive yet sardonic manner.

Of them all, “The Stockholm Syndrome” was my favourite. It reminded me of the twisted, convoluted humorous writing of Roald Dahl - one of the greatest honours that I can confer on any individual. Well done.

Damn! It Got Over

Wolfblade is the first book of the Hythrun Chronicles trilogy written by Jennifer Fallon.

Apart from the wonderland that is the Wheel of Time series, no other fantasy fiction book I’ve read has created so much intrigue using sheer politics. Yes, there is magic and power involved, but underlying everything is the desire to, quite literally, rule the world.

Some of the characters are quite exquisite. The cunningness of Elezaar, Marla’s transformation into a force to reckon with, Alija’s puppeteering, the heartbreaking fate of Laran, Wrayan - the pretty boy *sigh* do make it into quite a delicious collection of words and ideas. It is quite refreshing for a fantasy fiction junkie like me to see other facets of daily existence being included - not just wands and flashes of light. Gives it so much scope for imagination, no?

The one thing that is striking about this is the fact that, while the book isn’t particularly fast paced (meaning, you will never quite want to reach the end in a tearing hurry because you cannot wait to find out what happens), it always lies there like a knot at the back of your head - Warder style (ref: Wheel of Time). The consistency is commendable. Overall, a wonderful first book to what seems like a very promising series.

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